Our Mission

Our two-part mission describes what we do as a church and who we are as a result.

(Part 1) The Great Commission (Matthew 28:18-20) describes what we do: we make disciples. As we’re going about our lives we’re seeking to point people to Jesus, get them connected to the church and help them grow to be more like Jesus.

(Part 2) The Great Commandment (Mark 12:28-31) describes who we are as a result: we are people who love God and others. We believe that the good news of the Gospel should prompt us to respond to God with hearts of love and gratitude. As the Gospel becomes a larger part of our framework, we become more and more like what Jesus describes.

As we have sought God’s specific purpose for us here in the Parkville area, we believe God has given us this purpose: Strengthening families, growing together, and living for God.

• Strengthening Families: We believe that every family recognizes the need to get stronger. What we have to offer them is the support and encouragement of people whose lives are being transformed by the Gospel.
• Growing Together: When a person becomes a believer, they’re only beginning to fulfill God’s plan for their lives. God’s goal is that they would grow as followers. Our goal is to provide an environment for that kind of growth...where believers can grow together.
• Living for God: Being a part of a church shouldn’t be about getting together with other church people and behaving like church people for a couple of hours every week. If we’re truly growing together, then we’re going to be prepared to go and live the rest of the hours of the week for God as we’re at home, at work and at leisure.