Community Groups - Fall 2017


After a break for the summer, we are ready to start up our next round of Community Groups!  As our Community Groups get started the week of September 10th, they will meet every other week for roughly 9 months (ending May 2018) and it is our prayer that groups will grow and need to multiply sometime during the 9 month session.

Each group will have discussion based on the current sermon series (Romans) and we will also provide some practical evangelism training during your group’s meeting time every few months.  We want to continually equip and challenge the people of our church to share their faith and invite their unchurched friends and family to their community group and Sunday worship services! 

To get connected in a group, please contact Pastor Derrick HERE!

See below for a list of the groups! 

SUNDAYS @ 6:30pm (childcare)   Jacob & Kim Sledd 
@ Church Building – 8501 Tom Watson Parkway, Parkville, MO 64152 

MONDAYS @ 7pm (childcare) Craig & Candace Loftis
@ Loftis’ house – 5229 NW Bluff Dr., Parkville, MO 64152

TUESDAYS @ 6:30pm (childcare) Rob & Ileah Christian
@ Edman’s house – 7530 NW Red Ridge Dr., KC, MO 64152

TUESDAYS @ 7pm   Michael & Julie Porter
@ Porter’s house – 9844 N. Highland Terrace, KC, MO 64155

WEDNESDAYS @ 7pm   Mark Thomson
@ Ross’ house – 1009 NW 72nd St., KC, MO 64118

THURSDAYS @ 7pm   Brian & Deb McDowell
@ Church Building - 8501 Tom Watson Pkwy., Parkville, MO 64152

THURSDAYS @ 6:30pm (childcare)   Derrick & Anna Abell
@ Abell’s house – 4707 NW 67th St., KC, MO 64151

THURSDAYS @ 7pm     John & D Wyman
@ Haafke’s house – 5864 S. National Dr., Parkville, MO 64152